Jeremy Meltzer

Jeremy Meltzer

i=Change Founder

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Jeremy Meltzer is a social entrepreneur and expert in ‘business for purpose’. He is founder of i=Change, the world’s first cause-marketing platform for online retailers. i=Change has partnered with iconic fashion brands, who give back with every sale and uniquely let their customers choose where it goes.

i=Change has so far positively impacted the lives of over 90,000 women & girls in 14 countries.

Jeremy shares insights and data on how turning business into a ‘force for good’ can unlock surprising levels of profitability. He shows how uniting a brand with a cause can be a powerful form of customisation, that turns every purchase into a meaningful customer experience and elevates a brand beyond their competition.

Jeremy also explains the power of authenticity, the opportunity for ‘radical transparency’, and how the ‘experience economy’ is reshaping retail to meet the values and expectations of millennial consumers.

Ultimately, Jeremy illuminates an exciting way forward for business, a paradigm shift, moving us closer to our shared humanity and the world most consumers are wishing to create with every purchase they make.

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