Kyle Rifkin

Kyle Rifkin

Oracle + Bronto Regional Sales Manager

Kyle is a founding employee of the Bronto business in Australia and came to Sydney by way of Florida and North Carolina in 2013. Now a Regional Sales Manager for Oracle + Bronto, he loves helping leading retailers drive revenue and grow their businesses at the cross section of commerce, marketing, and technology.

Kyle will explore how the global economy affects your business and will reveal results from Bronto’s global eCommerce research, providing tried-and-true tactics for attracting and retaining the global shopper.


One-to-One Marketing Tactics to Reach the Global Shopper


At the end of the day, consumers have always wanted the same thing: a good experience at a “fair” price. The only difference is that today’s mobile shopper can look farther than the corner store for the best products and the best prices. They can find any product they’re looking for, no matter where in the […]

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